Never More!  Hiroshima-Fukushima

Paul Turano


Paul Turano (USA) – Fallout, 2013, 4:30
A futile gesture marking the one-year anniversary of the collateral calamity at the Fukushima nuclear power facility, surveying a more invisible tsunami. Scientific predictions of the residual effects are undercut by the cheerfully benign day-glow colors assigned to the threat. A gradual contamination of the image and increasing waves of fear give way to an irradiated bloom.

Paul Turano
is a visual artist whose work in film and video and new media incorporates lyrical observational strategies and meditations on personal space, as well as subjective reportage of marginal media events and long form essay films. It has been presented throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. Recent screenings include the Pirate Cinema screening at the Maldives Pavilion at theÊVenice Biennale, theÊNew Filmmakers New York, Crosstalk Video Art FestivalÊin Budapest, Hungary,ÊL’AlternativaÊin Barcelona, Spain, Festival des CinŽmas DiffŽrents et ExpŽrimentaux de Paris, France. Based in Boston, he has screened his work at the Harvard Film Archive, the Institute of Contemporary Art and The Museum of Fine Arts and his films have been programmed in over 60 national and international film festivals. The focus of his current work is the exploration of our relationship to natural environments in both local and global