Never More!  Hiroshima-Fukushima

Mengyu Chen


Mengyu Chen ( USA) – Simulacra, 2013, 2:20
The end and the beginning of things never occurring twice in the same way. We must reckon that what men know is not so much as what they do not know, and that the time since they were born is not so long as that which elapsed before they were born. When they take that which is most small and try to fill with it the dimensions of what is most great, this leads to error and confusion, and they cannot attain their end. Looking at the subject in this way, how can you know that the point of a hair is sufficient to determine the minuteness of what is most small, or that heaven and earth are sufficient to complete the dimensions of what is most large?

Mengyu Chen
is a digital media artist and designer. Working in sculpture, performance, and interactive installation, he designs and builds various conceptual robots, machines and objects that carry his wills. His newly developed aesthetic theory merges politics and carcinogenesis. He aims to build his art as body extensions as well as metaphorical weapons that can empower individuals against collective dominance.