Maureen Bachaus


Maureen Bachaus (Netherlands) – Happiness, 2015, 2:36
The video ‘Happiness’ shows the effect of our polluted world on the human mind, as a direct result of disasters like
Hiroshima and Fukushima, and it enlightens this global theme through personal perspective. Throughout the world
face masks are being promoted, which suggests that we have to learn to live with the pollution of our planet.
In psychological respect, it is a disastrous development, for a face mask isolates people, it transforms them into
anonymous beings and alienates them from the world around them.

Maureen Bachaus
enlightens social themes through personal perspective; her work is based on research of the
personal thoughts of people from different cultures with different backgrounds. Essential themes: the human psyche
and the human identity. Bachaus collects ‘thoughts’ through social media and translates them into photography
projects, videoprojects, installations, sculptures.
Projects: National Gallery Macedonia, with artcollective BAUM: videoproject ‘Life Lessons’. October 2015
International Video & documentary festival Dokufest, selected videoproject, Prizren, Kosovo, 2015
International video festival ‘artvideoKOELN, ‘audiovisual experiences 01’, selected video, Cologne Germany, 2015
BIO50 24th Biennale / Mao Museum, interactive videoproject ‘Borders & Boundaries’, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 2014.
Flux Factory New York, ‘Utopia Project’, interactive videoproject, 2014.