Mark Kadota


Mark Kadota USA) – “Persistence of Emotion”, 2015, 9:55
This video was inspired by shared conversations with friends, real conversations of challenges that one goes through in one’s life. Memories can be so pregnant with associated emotions. This video attempts to illustrate the variety of feelings that one experiences when one remembers. Each of our life stories brings about a definition of how we interpret life. Most of our stories are dense with emotions. The common stories and emotions are an important part of relating, bonding and building empathy with each other.
My main motivation to create artwork is to find universal languages, searching for common truths that unite rather than separate. I feel that artwork, at its best, mirror society and our interior selves, raise questions, and presents communication and reflection. I try to make my messages human, poetic, inclusive, humorous, accessible and comprehensible to everyone.

Mark Kadota
I have lived from my artwork since 1970. My work has been exhibited in museums and galleries through out the world. I am currently in the collection of seven museums in Europe and three museums here in Hawaii.
I have lived most of my life in Hawaii and treasure the culture and environment. I have danced and studied ancient Hula, Hawaiian traditions and Huna, the traditional religion. As an artist, I realize my ability to preserve parts of the ancient Hawaiian traditions through my visual art. I periodically create series based on the rich traditions of Hawaii.
My artwork is in constant change. I feel to live a fully creative life we must constantly critically examine our work. We must attempt to discern where we have become stagnant and where we might explore new beginnings. There can be no new growth if we do not stay open and risk vulnerability. The predictability in any art form is a form of creative death.
I currently live part-time in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Hawaii.