Filip Gabriel Pudlo


Filip Gabriel Pudlo (Poland) – Operation Castle, 2013, 4.20, 10:00
Linguistic summaries for “Operation Castle” (1954) film where possible machine analysis and description of moving image were examined. Framework for linguistic summaries using video mining algorithms was proposed. Image analysis based on machine algorithms was simulated on technical level. In a near future full analysis on both technical and symbolic, more abstract levels may be also considered. Hermeneutic character of the original footage was retained. The study of peripheral vision, technology development and politics.

Filip Gabriel Pudlo
Graduated from Warsaw University of Technology and The Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in Lodz at Cinematography and Television Production Department. He makes video artworks and programs installations. He lives and works in Warsaw.
Selected exhibitions: EMAF European media art festival, Osnabrück, Germany; FILE Electronic language international festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 16. Biennale WRO; Labour in a single shot, Muzeum Sztuki, Łódź; ShowOFF Photomonth, Cracow; University of Virginia, USA; Kyoto Seika University, Japan; international video art festivals: Videoholica, Bulgaria; Miden Greece; Fonlad, Portugal; Espacio de las Artes, Spain; AIVA, Sweden; Now&After, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow; presentation “Wojciech Bruszewski. Art & Science”, University of Virginia, USA. Jury panel member of Now&After’14 international video art festival, Moscow.