Dori&Grey – Emilio Ibanez Sanchez / Lourdes Chesa Carda


Emilio Ibanez Sanchez/ Lourdes Chesa Carda/ (Spain) – Stagecoach Ufo, 2013, 04:34
Every individual, regardless of the time and the place, is a victim of reality, its mutability and time. There is nothing lasting, everything is constantly changing.
Our work is not about technology but about the spirit, the soul and the mind tries to express what we have as human beings. Each of us is unique, we are not clones. We must explore this tremendous diversity. The piece is constructed from the rhythm, melody and visual chaos, through fragmentation, recycling, deconstruction, overlapping and conceptual approach to the narrative away academicism that gradually takes shape in the editing room.

Dori&Grey. Lourdes Chesa (1970) and Emilio Ibáñez (1974), Spain.
Bachelor of Fine Arts (School of San Carlos, Valencia) and a BA in Art History (UNED). We explore different territories for audiovisual experimentation, highlighting among others, the documentary video project “The Guinea” (2005, curated by Juan de Nieves), “Gaiata Peregrina” (2007, intervention in public space with Antoni Miralda and Alicia Rios ), the multidisciplinary collaborative project “Descacharrada Movie” (2013, with musician Joaquín Pascual), the selected video installation for the XXIII edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair 2014 ArteSantander “continuous field of binary tensions” or draft performance live Video for Mercromina band (2014).