Daniel Wechsler


Daniel Wechsler (Israel) – Dust, 2015, 03:42
The yet to be titled visual technique for ‘Dust’ is a result of user and CPU mistakes-
I shouldn’t have pressed that, and the CPU shouldn’t have done that.
The new visual behavior created is a random and unstable glitch, replacing objects outlines with arrows and single pixels.
‘Dust’ is an abstract video work observing the bombing and the after math of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in a new form.

Daniel Wechsler
is a video artist & audio engineer currently based in Tel-Aviv.
Focusing on the creation of new video techniques, he uses computer errors and malfunctions to create visual ’bugs’.
As an SAE graduate, his preliminary field of expertise was audio engineering for post production, working both in London and TLV.
For the past 7 years he has been filming, editing and creating video & digital art.