Never More!  Hiroshima-Fukushima

Brandon Bauer


Brandon Bauer (USA) – AN602: Tsar Bomba, 2014, 03:21
The work AN602: Tsar Bomba is a video of manipulated archival footage from the Russian AN602 Hydrogen Bomb Test. This test remains the largest artificial explosion in human history. The flash point of the explosion from the test footage has been slowed down and re-edited to pulsate and go through subtle color shifts before the footage resumes and the mushroom cloud appears. The video was devised with a desire to create a more nuanced, contemplative, and anti-spectacular image of nuclear weapons. The video visually and metaphorically addresses the limits of vision inherent in the development and deployment of these weapons.

Brandon Bauer
is an artist based in Wisconsin. Brandon uses art as a space for critical and ethical inquiry, discourse, and dialog. His work explores themes of social justice, capitalism, consumerism, democracy, war, and critical histories embedded in cultural ephemera. His work employs photography, video, collage, drawing, installation, and collaborative produced projects. Brandon has exhibited and screened his work in a variety of international venues.